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The number of victims is increasing despite the road accidents are reducing due to secondary accident.
Ginno-Tech's GBOT-PORTABLE SMART SAFETY SIGNALLING DEVICE can help with it's excellent visibility and recognition.

manikin signalman automatic signalman automatic traffic signalman GBOT-Portable Smart
Safety Signalling Device
Too heavy to bring to the accident site rapidly. LED display & signalman
The simple flashing only gives low recognition to the public. LED Logo
Only visual warning without siren limits emergency alarm. Speaker (Siren & Voice Output available)
NOT available to intall immediately where & when it is required to install. Compact Design (Portability)

Comparing products in the peer market as of December 2018

portable safety signal

GBOT-Portable Smart Safety Signalling Device
wherever public alarm needed for safety.

Secure safety and public warning alarm instantly at any emergency situation.

1. To help to ease traffice flow by providing real-time text information at accident point.
2. To substitute signalman in field.
3. Light weight, compact size, easy operation and installation.


  • To help lack of manpower on-site by substitute signalman.

    Immediate respond to each situation, they can concentrate to handle the case that they were sent for under
    better safety by putting GBOT Portable Smart Safety Signalling Device at site instantly.

  • Variety of application

    Traffic accident site, school zone, public event, airport & port, army training, disease control and etc.

  • Portability + Convenience + Relevance

    Designed to deliver safety and public warning signal through its portability from light weight and foldable
    structure under any circumstance.

  • LED Display Direction

    Available to display horizontal (to the left or to
    the right) or vertical (downward)

  • Text and Direction Guidance

    Text & Direction Arrow can be input through
    thumb drive for proper use at the site.

  • Directional speaker, main controller

    From main controller, you can select text,
    warning tone, guidance arrow, flashing and volume.

  • Customized design

    Customized text and warning
    tones can be embedded.

  • Laser Beam Projector

    Clear notice to the public by projecting
    a message or image on the road.

  • Better Visibility in the dark.

    Adopting glow-in-the-dark material for
    better visiblity.


Its compact size and light weight allow you to carry to the site easily.
Easy installation enables quick response in case of accidents and emergencies.


main function

  • Laser Beam Projector

    In the event of an emergency at night, the driver of the vehicle entering the event area.
    Shall be alarmed to reduce speed by an image on the road surface from the Laser Beam Projecter.

  • Text message board / Directional Speaker

    Depending on the emergency situation, the built-in statements, voice guidance and warning tones can be printed on the speaker,
    and phrases and volume control can be used using the main control.

  • Textboard / Life Safety, School Zone

    Sequential Illumination / Flashing